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Who AM I ?
Welcome to my website. My name is Rick. I’m a creative person. Singer-songwriter, Sound Engineer and
 Online Entrepreneur.

Where did I come from?
The one frustration I always used to have was that I couldn’t find a way to get my creative products my songs, music and videos across to an audience.

What Did I do?
One day I made a conscious decision to get to know everything there is about Internet Marketing. That was that one little step that I was missing.

My goal is to Empower and inspire creative people to take that step into a digital world. 

Take Action ?
So I made a decision that I wanted to learn “Internet Marketing” Bought some books and jumped on to YouTube to find out more. I came across this website where they offered me a Free 7 Day video course.

So I took action and entered my email and…..

What Happened?
It really appealed to me. It had so much more to do with my personal development my mindset my personal growth. This is actually the course that I’m doing at the moment. There is such an amazing community of like-minded people that want to learn the same.