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True leader
A true leader always takes responsibility. Standing on stage and performing from your heart is the same as being a leader. Putting your responsibility somewhere outside yourself is actually giving away your own power!

The Easy Way
We all recognize the easy way.
Blaming others.
Blaming your life or circumstance.
Blaming your parents.
If you choose to believe in this story life will keep giving you much of the same. So take responsibility.

Valuable Lesson
Even if everything points to something else. See it as a valuable lesson that is here to move you forward and to learn from. Many people have had great hardships to cope with but have come out stronger because they chose to take responsibility and not give it away. 

Keep Your Power
So if you are creative and you feel like you’re not getting heard or seen. Don’t blame others. Take responsibility¬†and choose to keep your power.
You are responsible to learn new skills and to grow.

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