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The thought of money has no real energy.
It is mostly the thought of that you can do with money that generates the emotion. The most valuable things in life have nothing to do with money or with something money can buy.
True happiness is in giving. And once you realize that, you find that you already have so much wealth within you. 

Most valuable 
Your focused attention. Giving your pure attention to another person is the most valuable thing you can give. Telling someone what you see in them. Pointing out something beautiful about someone. That is truly valuable stuff. That is the stuff that changes lives.

Power of words
Have you ever had a comment, a kind words that somebody gave you long ago that still makes you feel good? Even years after it was given. Maybe as a child ? I remember a non a teacher in the catholic school where I went to as a young boy tell me that I was so creative with so much fantasy and idears. “You should just leave Rick and let him create beautiful drawings” she said to my mother.  Now that comment is still part of my life and something that has brought me so much joy. So this is what I mean.  


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