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Something I Must Have Read
I was running today and suddenly thought came in my head. More like a law I believe. A law of nature. Once you move through your resistance nature will come to your aid.
As if They Knew it
Today for instance I started to run I was feeling positive and okay but a bit tired. But as I was running I saw that people that I past looked up and smiled and said hello.  I thought this is exactly how it works. If you show that you are investing that you are someone who wants to move forward.  Someone that moves through the basic resistance people will feel it understand and enjoy that energy
Washing a car
I have the same experience when I see somebody outside washing their car I walk by and it’s nearly impossible for me to not say something. They’re out there cleaning up their car and making it beautiful with good energy. It opens up the world.
Backed Up By Nature
People that are investing in the world and trying to move forward trying to create something positive in their lives they are always backed up by nature. That’s what I truly believe.
Thanks for reading.
Best, Rick

There is only a small difference between someone who stops or someone who moves through just a little further then is pushed by the natural force of nature to help, grow, observe and create.


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