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In marketing it’s always important to create value. To give that value to your customer. The reason you do this is to create a relationship.
In our families or with our friends we find it normal to give away things. Good advice, something you’ve heard, something you’ve learned maybe even some things you have and are not using.

Change The Mindset
I really believe that people have to change their mindsets and let go of the old systems because they don’t apply any more. This is a digital age and everything you see and hear is been chopped up. 

For You Its Easy
Its also an age of amazing possibilities. Technical and creative. You can be really fast in creating music, sound, graphics, artwork. You as a creative person musician, songwriter, graphical artist or painter. For you it’s actually very easy to give away stuff. Because it’s your domain. For someone else it might be much more difficult to get those specific things done or created. You have the tools and you have a talent.

So be creative and find stuff that you would love to give away!

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